Don’t really want to spend the money on an authentic Les Paul guitar? You might want to search out a Tokai Love Rock. Well made in Japan. Here’s the Guitar Animal review of a Tokai HLS that closely rivals a ’59 Les Paul. Give it a listen, see what you think.

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  1. Jay

    The MIJ Tokai Love Rocks do just that – ROCK! Depending on which model # you choose, the model # is really the cost in Japanese Yen currency, (knock off to places for USD) you can get either a long tennon, nitro, and one piece body. The construction, regardless of the model# is always consistently top notch! The electronics are good, but most opt out to replace the pups once they acquire theirs. Seth Lovers, Antiquities, to ’57 buckers – & all is good!:) I have (2) – a LS -128F L.D. and a HLS -240 VOS ’59 Hibiki. Hibiki’s are really RARE, play fantastic and sound super sweet. They have a routed out “K” in the neck pocket underneath the neck pup, long tennon & nitro. They are made by Tokai’s Super Shop and are their best. Check out Hibiki on-line and then click on the Tokai link and navigate to see them. Some come with aged Montreux parts, which mine has. I also have to mention Tokai’s SG’s – I have their Top of the line SG-210 with Honduran mahog. body/neck (all 1 piece), long tennon, and nitro in Cherry red = Sick :),…. AND the Oldies but Goldies, the Tokai Springy Sound – sweet copies of the ’54, ’57’ & ’62. I have the ’81- ’57 with the spaghetti logo, which ceased due to lawsuits from Fender in ’81. Tokai’s ROCK, after all SRV played them and Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top so you’re in good company!+


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