Let’s make 2019 the year YOU learn to play guitar. Watch this short video of tips that motivate you to practice.

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How to Use the Video Looper

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Guitar Animal provides members with an easy to use video player that allows you to define sections of any lesson to loop as often as you need. You can even slow down the speed of the looped section. This will really help you nail those tricky riffs. Here's how it works:

How to use the guitar animal video looper

While playing any video on Guitar Animal, hover over the active video window with your mouse pointer. Or tap on a mobile device. Click the AB Loop button. The button will turn green when activated. Now you can either use the keyboard shortcuts I for in, and O for out, to set your loop points. Or drag the handles to your preferred in and out points. Now the video will loop that segment! Click the A/B loop button again to turn off looping. You can also slow the video down or speed it up. Click the 1x button at the bottom right to select your desired speed.

Video Transcript

Hey guys, I’m Trent with GuitarAnimal.com and I’m going to talk to you about making 2019 the year that you guys learn how to play guitar. All right. The number one thing that’s standing between you and learning how to play the guitar would be motivation to practice. It takes practice every day over and over again over the course of weeks and months and even years to learn how to play. When I have a student in my practice coming in, learning in my private study, my number one goal is to motivate them to practice for the next week, and that’s a big deal. They practice every day. They get it down. If they aren’t motivated to practice, it doesn’t matter what I teach them, they’re not going to have it down. So how are we going to accomplish this at home? You can use Alexa. Hey Alexa, remind me to play my guitar today.

You can use reminders on your cell phone. Hey, you have to practice today. You might even use a regular old fashioned calendar and write it down. Did I practice each day? You really need to monitor that. It is key in learning how to play the guitar. As well as being on a site like GuitarAnimal.com where you can go on here, you get good tabs are all worked out for you. You can use slow down functions, looper functions and really work at your own pace and you know, have some fun while you’re looking at it. We’ve got some fun things on there to watch, so try to remember that hey, I need to play my guitar every day to learn how to play. I can’t just do it haphazardly if I only play the guitar once every week or once every two weeks. No one is going to learn with that kind of practice routine. So remember, you guys can do it. I did it. A lot of my students are doing it all the time. Practicing learning how to play the guitar, playing in bands becoming better and having a great time playing their guitar. So log in, GuitarAnimal.com . Check out what we have to offer and remember, practice that guitar. You can do it.

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  1. Eric Weston

    Thanks Trent! I’m going to make 2019 the year I take it to next level with acoustic and embrace electric. No venture, no gain. Different behavior = different outcome.


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