Here’s a killer advanced guitar lesson. Learn how to play The Green Manalishi by Peter Green / Fleetwood Mac. Tabs for this song available below. Be sure to use the video looper to help you nail this song.

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Download the Guitar tabs for The Green Manalishi

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  1. Marc

    I am on your Green Manalishi YouTube video. I am a new player I think I dig the way you are playing it. kinda disappointed that comments are disabled. Because this was the question I would have asked out of the gate. Unless I missed something I don’t even know how I’m supposed to have the guitar tuned. So I can’t even get started. I am not smart enough to figure it out at this stage. I think I can move my fingers around to copy you. So let me know what the tuning is, please. Additionally, don’t worry about what nimrods write. I’ll take care of them on the Green Manalishi videos ;-). Keep on rocking – Marc

  2. guitaranimal

    Hi Marc. Standard tuning for this one. We’ll always tell you if a song is in an alternate tuning. Have fun learning it!

  3. Marc

    Hey Guitar Animal, thanks for the info. I will start working on it either before or after the Patriots vs. Titans playoff game. Hope you enable the comments, but this works too.

  4. Marc

    Whoa! Having a tough time completing the 3rd chord shape. My fingers aren’t long enough to make it happen correctly. Any tips?

    • Trent Craycraft

      Good morning Marc, yes this is a tough chord shape for sure. With a bit of practice and some stretching you should be able to finger it correctly. just keep trying to finger it and it should improve over time. This song is like a 9 out of 10 on the difficulty scale so it will be very challenging to master for a new player, Give yourself some time to get it down, I applauded your choice of working such a difficult song so early in your playing. 🙂 good luck. Trent


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