Here’s a great beginner to intermediate guitar lesson. Learn how to play Best Of My Love by the Eagles. Use the video looper to help you practice this song. Tabs for Best Of My Love available below.

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  1. treyson17

    Trent, This is the BEST lesson on this song, I’ve ever seen!

  2. treyson17

    Is the G7 a full barre on the first 4 strings using the index finger ?

    • treyson17

      Regarding the G7 ,Even slowed down it looks like you roll up on it . But, 4 fingers. Slowed down its difficult to see head on. There’s got to be a tip or technique to grab it….and hold it down.

  3. Trent

    Good morning, I use my index finger to hold strings 1 thru 4 down on this G7, not that easy to do but that is the chord needed here. Just keep practicing on it (hours then more hours), these arrangements are the same as the Eagles are playing so they sound spot on but its not the easiest to play 🙂 Hope that you are enjoying Guitar Animal 🙂

    • treyson17

      Yes,enjoying and will enjoy the challenge. mastering a 4 finger barre will be huge.:)

  4. Eric Weston

    Trent, I’m finally approaching “performance ready” (80%) with this song. Appreciate the detail you’ve gone into with the in-depth lesson. This is a beautiful song. As a huge dog lover, I’m grooving to the canine in the background!

  5. canuppc

    Hi, new member and beginner guitar player here. Love this song and this lesson. I’m working on the first 16 measures, which is the C and F7M chords. My question is primarily about the high E string. On the very first down stroke all of the C chord measures (1, 2, 5, 6, 9, 10, 13 and 14) and the very last up stroke in measure 2 and 14, the tab says not to play the high E string. Similarly, the first down stroke of the F7M chord in measure 3 shows the high E string left unplayed, but played in measure 7, 9, and 15. Lastly, the last upstroke in the F7M measures 3, 4, 7 are not exactly the same (measure 3 includes the D string, measure 4 only the first 3 strings (open), and measures 7, 8, 11, 12 and 15 show the first three strings played, with the G, B held down and the high E open. But in your video, you don’t say anything about any of these minor strum differences. So are you suggesting that while the tab is accurate, these minor strum differences are not critical to playing this song and making it close to the original version? I hope this makes sense and keep up the great work!

    • Trent

      Hello Canuppc, First off welcome to Guitar Animal, I hope that you are enjoying the site 🙂 Lets get to your question, and great attention to detail on your part by the way. Think of tab as a snap shot of a single performance of music. It is a picture, if you will of a single performance. If we looked at ten different performances of the song by the same band then tabbed each performance we would have ten very different tab sheets as no two performances would ever be exactly the same. That said when showing you guys how to play a song I have to decide on what the tab should be for the song. I do this by looking at many sources of existing music available as well as listening to several performances of the music. From there I watch the artist perform the song in several different videos, finally I decide what is the best sounding and most constant way to play the song and create the tab from there. It is as much art as science so I would tell you to use the tab sheets as a very good guide to learning the songs but do not get stuck on too many details, listen to the sound of what you are playing and go with your ear and what sounds best to you. remember even for the artist, every performance is unique. Hope that this helps, stay tuned Trent 🙂

      • canuppc

        Thanks Trent!


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