A great short lesson for beginners. What is a Guitar Capo? And how and why you’d use one.

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How to Use the Video Looper

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How to use the guitar animal video looper

While playing any video on Guitar Animal, hover over the active video window with your mouse pointer. Or tap on a mobile device. Click the AB Loop button. The button will turn green when activated. Now you can either use the keyboard shortcuts I for in, and O for out, to set your loop points. Or drag the handles to your preferred in and out points. Now the video will loop that segment! Click the A/B loop button again to turn off looping. You can also slow the video down or speed it up. Click the 1x button at the bottom right to select your desired speed.


  1. treyson17

    Trent, I’m beginning to grasp (I think) some theory. My question is, in a two player situation, playing in the Key of G. (GABCDEFg) Would the second player move the capo to match the 4 . or the 5th note D of G to accompany and play along ? Many songs play a 1,4,5 1,5,4 etc The part I’m unsure of is where to place capo to play along .I realize that if skilled one could play chords on another string.

    • Trent

      Great question. The placement of the capo is to help facilitate the fingering of the open type chord forms . This is not really tied to one key as we can play in several keys at any position on the neck. Example- I can play in the key of G major at the open position, capo at the third fret the fifth fret or the seventh fret easily just to list a few. these are all player choices. As you gain more theory knowledge you will gain a better understanding of this. stay tuned for more fun things here at Guitar Animal:)


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