First, I want to welcome everyone to the Guitar Animal blog. I hope that you are enjoying all the content that we have available for you here at Guitar Animal, including this blog.

I felt that this first post should address the main purpose of  Guitar Animal. Specifically, “how do I learn how to play the guitar”? Learning how to play the guitar, or any instrument for that matter can seem like an overwhelming task especially for the beginning player. The guitar feels foreign in your hands when you first pick it up. You can watch others playing the guitar and it looks SO easy, almost effortless, yet you find that making even the most basic sounds on the guitar seems impossible. You are not alone. Everyone including myself felt this way when we started learning to play the guitar. What you are not able to see are the hundreds or more likely THOUSANDS of hours we players have spent practicing and learning to play before we were able to take the stage with a mastery of the guitar.

Here at Guitar Animal, we strive to make this learning process as easy as possible by having great features available for you. Guitar Animal gives YOU the student the ability to set YOUR OWN loop points while learning a score as well as being able to slow the song down so you can better follow how it is played. These two features alone greatly simplify the learning process. Combine these with the video lessons and the custom Tabs provided for each lesson, and we have provided a winning combination for you. These features also allow me to move through each lesson at a faster pace, allowing the more advanced students to get right to playing the score. Through the use of the looper, the beginner can easily keep up with any score as well. It works for every player no matter what level you are playing.

I am really enjoying bringing all of this great music to you all and hope that you find Guitar Animal a great resource in helping you to become the best guitarist you can be. Welcome to the pack!



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