Why We’re Different

Welcome to Guitar Animal. You may have noticed, we’re a bit different than the other sites offering online guitar lessons. Here you can not only learn to play guitar or improve your current skills, but you’ll have fun doing it! We offer unique tools like our video looper and custom speed playback. Set your own loop points so that you can master each piece of music at your own pace. The accompanying Tablature provided for each lesson is Guitar Animal certified to be accurate. We’re pretty particular about making sure that you’re learning to play a piece of music the way that the original artist intended it to be played. No shortcuts. Just good solid well-researched instruction delivered in fun and compelling ways. We promise to always keep it interesting.

More than just online guitar lessons:

  • How to restring various types of guitars
  • How to adjust your amplifier for great sound
  • Learn Music theory from basic to advanced
  • Learn guitar chords in each key
  • Learn guitar techniques like hammer-on’s, pull-offs and more
  • Gear reviews

Meet Trent. Guitar Animal co-founder and master guitar instructor

I started playing the guitar in the mid-1970’s. In the early days, I was in a local band playing cover songs at clubs and private parties. It was a blast to play all that great music of the 60’s and 70’s. During the 1980’s I performed regularly with a classic rock band both gigging and recording. Wanting to add to my musical abilities I furthered my education by attending Wright State University, studying both music theory and composition. At this time I began teaching the guitar and the bass guitar. Teaching sixty plus students per week and also playing out every weekend really helped me round out my playing. I love playing and teaching the guitar. Now I am excited to be bringing my guitar lessons to everyone with GuitarAnimal.com.

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